Salesforce Admin & Developer at a Life Sciences Lab Instrumentation Firm

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This is the inaugural post on my experience as a Salesforce Admin, Automator and Developer at the US Subsidiary of a foreign high quality, niche manufacturer of optical analytical equipment used in the life sciences. I started in September 2020/

Like my other big Salesforce client of 2020, Gigantic Bag, a plastics manufacturer with a solid PPE offering, while so much of the economy suffered from the Covid Pandemic, manufacturers of PPE and of advanced instrumentation used in health care and virology and a dizzying array of life sciences research was booming gangbusters.

So I feel grateful.

This first Sway introduces the project through its post, describes the requirements, and I share my observations, along with some retrospective sense of irony as to how it grew from there.

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Thank you for your time and attention.

Nifty Thing About Salesforce Anywhere Chats

Production and Sandbox orgs link to the same Quip/Salesforce Anywhere org. So when you’re knee-deep in testing triggers and flows in a sandbox, when one of your core change management colleagues messages you via an Anywhere chat, it appears in the Sandbox user interface as well — alerting you to the fact that some attention likely must be paid.

My Sandbox with Salesforce Anywhere

For my part, I appreciate this immensely.

The Same Salesforce Anywhere message in Production

More on Podio, Globiflow & Procfu Scripts

An old sway and a new sway.

Some growth would appear to have taken place.

Go figure. Here’s the new one.

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And this next one from 3 years ago is worth it if only for the tall schema shot towards the end.

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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Meta

photo of ethel merman

A Sway about Meta Management Triggers and Actions Across the Major Codeless Integration Platforms

It would only be a matter of time before the API economy set sights upon itself. See what it means in this Sway.

Screenshot of the Sway
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Adding Workato to my List of Code-Less Integration Platforms

Just started a long-term project with a consulting firm specializing in integrating Salesforce to Sage Intacct Accounting. And they wrote a custom connector on Workato, whose $10,000 annual starter pricing suggests the difference in customer strategy from, say, Zapier.

User interface for the design canvas is crisp, even if the display optional fields part takes some getting used to.

Testing a Workato Recipe– look at all those JSON objects waiting to be Expanded

The dependency visualization is a particularly nice trick and should prove useful in team collaboration contexts beyond 3 or 4 members.

I was perhaps the tiniest bit taken by surprise by the way that all your Recipes are shared with the community unless you explictly opt-out. (Need to see whether there is a global configuration setting to address this).

Still, this is a good development.

My client’s book of business is quite full, so this looks to be a rewarding long-term relationship with some crisp people on top of their game. In the meanwhile here are some screenshots, and one can definitely see the enterprise targeting of their offering through features like lifecycle management with manifests and common data models.

Take a look in the gallery.

More soon when I can say more.

Azure Logic App: Iterating Through New York Times Comments

screenshot of azure logic app dashboard

I’m a diehard New York Times reader. It’s been a life-long habit, and one that’s grown more emotionally fraught these past few months. This cloud automation is one near and dear to my heart: for an article or op-ed piece I find particularly interesting (or whose user-contributed comment corpus strikes me), I paste that article URL into an Office 365 Form as the trigger, and then SharePoint and Logic App go and gather the comments and log them in SharePoint.

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