Passed My Platform App Builder Certification Exam

Platform App Builder Certification for Darren S. Kowitt

Though I tried to use the online proctored exam, their software didn’t recognize my Logitech Brio, and so I was forced to reschedule and schlep across town to a testing center. Still, it was gratifying to pass on the first try.

NKF Userbase Notice Demo Page

/Hello, Sunshine! And welcome to the first Autumn workweek of Standard Time. We know you’re well rested. Another big shift in your work-life this week is this, the new NKF Salesforce platform, NKF NPSP (Non-Profit Success Package).

National Kidney Foundation Logo

Welcome to the NKF Salesforce NPSP Org. We’re happy you’re here.

Integromat Rebrands as Make

Using bold, bold color combinations. Almost surprisingly so.

Splash Page for Make Platform

Logging into Integromat brings you to a migration hub, where you can instruct the migration to create empty parallel .

Integromat to Make Org Migration Node
Which after a few minutes of computation delivers you to the interface for Make –which, perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot like the interface for Integromat, just in louder colors. After you’ve created your Make environment, it’s time to migrate your assets from Integromat.


The company’s code less integration platform offering was always sound. It doesn’t have the breadth of category-killer Zapier, but when for some cloud offerings, the Integromat/Make actions list is on occasion more robust. And so it’s always worth comparing the two when a client comes with flexible requirements.

This new brand moves it away from the ungainly awkward core that admittedly inheres in Integromat towards something a little bit more new economy understand verbals with bold visuals.

Good work, Integromat/Make!

Sending Client Emails via Gmail from within the Podio UI

Out of the box, Podio/Podio Workflow Automation has a perfectly serviceable send email action — if you don’t mind generic, Podio branding.

This Sway details how a much more complex flow in Podio Workflow Automation coupled with waiting webhooks in Zapier can get that email template sent via Gmail — and then the merged content saved as an item in its own Podio app as well.

Sway Screenshot

Link in the imagage above or here to launch the flow.

Podio is Producing: An Update on The Spirits Importers, and It Seems Another Tutoring Client

The Podio Product Roadmap call on the 19th was perhaps a little less impressive than I had hoped for. But I must confess that I like the colors on the UX Beta. And I’ll have to retire my well-worn, well-recieved line about how in a cloud platform industry on innovation overdrive, there stands the Podio User Interface, as if frozen in Amber.

My Wine & Spirits Importer Client project is moving ahead steadily. The data model for SKUs, Brands, Wineries & Varietals is coming together nicely, as is a Globiflow automation that looks up the producer based upon brand terms (sometimes 1:1 more often 1:many). Researching all the terms takes the time; adding it to Podio is what triggers the iterative search over the hundreds of SKUs.

My Tutoring of an Atlanta area Operations Manager for a Real Estate firm may pay a divident of a second such client.

Take a look at the Sway below.

Click here or on the image to launch the Sway.

ChartGrids Dashboard Visualizations for Podio

One of Podio’s longstanding weaknesses has been dashboards and business intelligence visualizations. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover this app,

By drilling down through Podio Org to Workspace to the App whose data you want to visualize, you can combine charts from different apps into a dashboard. Right now it’s only bar charts. But area charts, pie charts and donughts charts are on their way.

Drill down through the hierarchy
Podio Data Dashboard

Webassessor & Trailhead Profile Linked Correctly at

Platform App Builder Certification for Darren S. Kowitt

Late last summer as Salesforce was upgrading its identity management processes for Trailblazer Community and Trailhead Training, when logging in, a bunch of my identities were consolidated, and a fresh profile page created for me. But the existing original profile page was the one linked to my Webassessor Account, which governs certifications. And I no longer had access to that. So, after much hue and cry, I finally got a case opened and set with Salesforce and now my Trailhead Profile displays my badges.

Link to Profile

Next goal: a Super Badge and Sharing & Visibility Designer.