Show’em You Work: (Because it’s auditable in any case!)

There are many reasons to use a system as flexible and comprehensive as is

In volunteer situations, it’s important to be able to convey that you’re pulling your weight.

If you configure properly, all the efforts that you put in to meeting the expectations of your public are logged automatically, and can buy you much love and street cred when you publish the activity logs.

Using separate campaigns with diverse purposes, you can convince your constituents that you’re doing the job well

Club Data Hygiene — well, isn’t it obvious why that figures prominently in the efforts of a DBA?

Welcoming Alumni to DC — that’s how you slay’em and win them into the fold

Chair High Engagement is reaching out to alums to learn what we can do for them — and also as a prelude to asking for support. It’s a give-get, mutual world, you see.

This particularly robust stretch was in a period leading up to a White House tour for the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of MetroDC in 2011.