#Skuid, #Salesforce.com, #Usability

SKUID is a nifty AppExchange Offering that enables you to transform this long, scroll-intensive page

Standard Salesforce Account Page Layout
Click for Full-Size


to this much more friendly view

SKUIDIFY it - tabbed view of the same page
Much Less Overwhelming, Eh?


No doubt, I’ll be writing more about this, and their lovely data model tools.

It’s the Little Things…. aka Salesforce #usability Before & After

Though I remain determined not to be a Kool-Aid drinker such as are on display at Dreamforce, there are times when Salesforce just puts a slowly-welling & subtle smile on my face, the satisfaction growing with contemplation.

Hark, behold, lo!


Before. Serviceable but... [voice trailing off] Click for large quality image
Serviceable but… [voice trailing off]
Click for large quality image



Usability makes a big difference, even if they exercise an uncharacteristic restraint in promoting it.

Just sayin…