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JSON Resume Specification HT @qz

In my admissions consulting business, I have long counseled clients to focus on developing content independently of its presentation layer.

Lo & behold, thanks to The Atlantic’s sister publication, QZ, here’s the proof.  a JSON Resume Specification with all the regular standards rigamarole.

Still, nifty.

JSON Resume Specification at Right, Rendered Resume at Left
JSON Resume Specification at Right, Rendered Resume at Left

10 Qualities you Should look for in a Salesforce.com Administrator

This pithy piece from

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is worth quoting in its entirety

Finding the right person for the job isn’t easy. Your Salesforce Administrator is your company’s Salesforce superhero. They’re experts on the features and capabilities of Salesforce.com and enthusiastic about encouraging user adoption and engagement.

The Salesforce Administrator is one of the most important people when it comes to making your Salesforce implementation a success.

Yikes, is that enough pressure for you, Hiring Manager? You can go ahead and unclench that jaw now, Penrod Software is here to help.  We’ve catalogued a list of the 10 most important qualities you should look for when hiring a great Salesforce Administrator.


1. A CRM Believer

First and foremost, your Salesforce Administrator needs to be a CRM believer.  They are your internal cheerleader. A successful Salesforce implementation relies on user adoption and your admin should be enthusiastic about the benefits Salesforce.com can bring to the company.

2. Interest in Technology

We’re not saying your Salesforce Administrator needs to be an “IT Person,” but they do need to have an interest and aptitude in technology. You’re looking for an admin that can be resourceful and likes solving technology related problems. Your candidate should not get easily frustrated when technology doesn’t go their way.

3. Solid Understanding of your Business Processes

Your Salesforce Administrator should have familiarities with business and sales processes.  They should be willing to take the time to fully grasp your company’s organizational structure build relationships 
with key Salesforce.com users. The more your Administrator understands the business needs of users, the more successful your CRM system will be.

4. Excellent Communicator

An administrator is the face of your Salesforce.com system. They should have excellent communication, motivation, and presentation skills. Your admin must be confidant in their ability to effectively communicate with developers, users, and key management personnel.

5. Analytical, Logical Thinker

It is necessary that your Salesforce Administrator has the analytical skills to respond to requested changes and identify customizations. Logical, process-oriented thinking allows the admin to assess when changes are necessary to maintain a high functioning CRM system.

6. An Experienced Project Manager

The job of a Salesforce Administrator requires multi-tasking, managing deadlines, and the ability to relate a user’s needs to developers. Your admin needs the experience to stay organized and manage projects over a length of time.

7. Speaks for the People

Your admin should have the desire to be the voice of the user in communicating with management. They should actively engage with users to find out what works and what doesn’t and develop solutions to bring to management.

8. Someone Who Enjoys Helping Others

An administrator should be a natural people person. They get enjoyment out of solving people’s problems and are empathetic towards users.

9. Flexible

Plan change. Requirements change. Companies change. You need someone who is flexible enough to roll with the changes.  If use of your Salesforce system increases, you need a Salesforce Administrator who can stay on top and maintain a high-performing system while ensuring that users don’t get left behind.

10. Big Picture Thinker

You need a long-term thinker, someone who sees the big picture. They understand your vision with Salesforce and actively work to make that a reality. You’re not looking for a Salesforce Administrator that just responds to crises.

Once you find your Salesforce superhero – make sure to continue to invest in that person’s professional development. They need to be experts in each new release and update to the system. Encourage supplemental training, user group meetings, and  conference attendance.


Editor’s Note:  I think I qualify!

Google Alerts Interface Updated

New & Flat: Google Alerts

It is easier on the eyes to be sure.  Hints of Material Design’s vaunted flatness.

Now let’s hope the do something to address the way the results delivered nowadays seem less impressive than those from 2 years ago.  Hard to quantify in retrospect – but it’s a notable, and often-discussed, trend & shortcoming.


Simple. Elegant. Clean. The New Google Alerts Interface
Simple. Elegant. Clean.
The New Google Alerts Interface


Nicer Controls Too
Nicer Controls Too

#Tableau 8.2 Business Intelligence & #Salesforce dynamically Linked

It Feels Good.  And you can really see the dramatic difference in productivity now that my client’s team has some focus.

The Link Worked, and It's Much Less Fussy than some of the ODBC Drivers I've Dealt with.
The Link Worked, and It’s Much Less Fussy than some of the ODBC Drivers I’ve Dealt with.