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Avida & Biology “In Silico” — Computer Simulations of Molecules as Information Transmitters

From Information Theory And The Origin of Life in Medium

Transcending the limits of chemistry in analyzing life as an homeostasis-preserving, entropy-fighting phenomenon.

The power of unified ideas and history is humbling.

Facebook Insights – for a bi-lingual Interpretation/Translation Services firm

Ok, so have some work to do to take the LLC/English-language side of the house up to speed.

But it’ll be fun.

Facebook Insights for a Client in Japan
Facebook Insights for a Client in Japan

Sweetness! Quick-n-dirty segments in MailChimp

With the magic phrase “automatic de-duping” for a form field you can just paste from excel or a local CSV. Neat.

You can export a list from your CRM, open it in Excel, create a pivot table or perform some other data magic tricks, then copy-paste your results right into this field. We’ll automatically exclude any emails that are not actively subscribed in that MailChimp list.

Segments created by pasting a list are saved as static segments for future use.

Link to MailChimp blog here.