Salesforce Summer ’15 Feature for Small/Medium Business: Setup Wizard

Salesforce as a platform is radically customize-able.  So you want someone experienced to help you as your vision for your enterprise and business processes converge — ideally with your vision providing the blueprint for your systems.  That said, smaller organizations don’t always have huge implementation budgets, and so this new Setup Wizard (active for the first 90 days in new Salesforce organizations) is a nice offering, the latest in the countless ways that is a customer-focused company.

Tart assessment by Medium author Anil Da

Tart assessment by Medium author Anil Dash in the metaphorical context of corn mono-culture and lack of diversity in Valley culture:

In Silicon Valley, 22 year old white CS grads from Stanford are our corn. Throw enough of them together and eventually some of them will build something that gets big fast enough to trigger the money cascade. But these creations aren’t built to last — they’re built to last just long enough to move large amounts of cash around. Nor are they intended to solve real problems. They’re our monoculture: speed and scale at the expense of strength.