Salesforce Instance Stand-Up Case Study

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View the Sway here.

IBM BlueMix & Watson API

It’s been a busy weekend of coding. This little python file from #CodeAcademy is piggybacking off an earlier Twitter dev App I made for CDATA’s Twitter ODCB driver.


Still struggling to parse the meaning of comparing my SAAS-focused twitter account, @succellerator, with that of @nickimanaj

The most common personality attributes to be gleaned from each of our most recent 200 tweets are:

  • Depression
  • Sympathy
  • Self-consciousness
  • Imagination
  • Anxiety

Struggling to find the index definition for the first numerical column of our overlap.  But here goes my unofficial interpretation of what it all means.



duh. I score much higher(.38) than she (.04): she’s rich and famous and seems to be enjoying herself.


Perhaps it’s not surprising that a celebrity exhibits less sympathy; I fully concur how that might well be a useful and effective defense mechanism.


Ok, here I’ll give attribute my Yale Education — oh. Wait. it’s not self-awareness. It’s self-consciousness, as in socially awkward. Yeah, I’ll grant that in terms of minimizng that, she has me beat by a country mile.


She’s an artist; she’s expected to have a fertile and febrile (and fecund) imagination.  But I compete reasonably well – and well, here with more seriousness, maybe that Yale education had something to do with it.


Not Quite Sure What to make of that one.

MavensMate IDE for Apex Coding

It’s pretty nifty, and lightening -based.  Uses either Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code for the editing with automatic colors. It’s made following along with SFDC99 Apex Trigger lessons that much more fun, and underscores the power and beauty of the Lightning Experience.

MavensMate Oauth Linked Code IDE