IBM BlueMix & Watson API

It’s been a busy weekend of coding. This little python file from #CodeAcademy is piggybacking off an earlier Twitter dev App I made for CDATA’s Twitter ODCB driver.


Still struggling to parse the meaning of comparing my SAAS-focused twitter account, @succellerator, with that of @nickimanaj

The most common personality attributes to be gleaned from each of our most recent 200 tweets are:

  • Depression
  • Sympathy
  • Self-consciousness
  • Imagination
  • Anxiety

Struggling to find the index definition for the first numerical column of our overlap.  But here goes my unofficial interpretation of what it all means.



duh. I score much higher(.38) than she (.04): she’s rich and famous and seems to be enjoying herself.


Perhaps it’s not surprising that a celebrity exhibits less sympathy; I fully concur how that might well be a useful and effective defense mechanism.


Ok, here I’ll give attribute my Yale Education — oh. Wait. it’s not self-awareness. It’s self-consciousness, as in socially awkward. Yeah, I’ll grant that in terms of minimizng that, she has me beat by a country mile.


She’s an artist; she’s expected to have a fertile and febrile (and fecund) imagination.  But I compete reasonably well – and well, here with more seriousness, maybe that Yale education had something to do with it.


Not Quite Sure What to make of that one.