Mailchimp for Salesforce on AppExchange: Major Fail

Sandbox App Screenshot

The app doesn’t work if you have set – irrevocably, as we all remember – your custom login domain, in this case

Salesforce - Enterprise Edition (3)
All excited to integrate and start marketing

IF you try to auhhenticate from here, you get an error.

Whereas in a Sandbox, it works just fine. Annoying.

Sandbox App Screenshot
Sandbox Screenshot post-authentication

Salesforce - Enterprise Edition _ Salesforce (2)

D Tyler _ Salesforce

View Member _Darren@padp.org_ _ MailChimp
All the fun clickstream analytics!

Admittedly, MailChimp is on it.

As you can see below, and they do clarify the situation perfectly, except in on eregard: timing for a fix. Ugh.

[MailChimp] Re_ Installing Mailchimp for (1)

Hopefully soon.