Thoughtful and Shrewd: How Salesforce Supports Its Varied Userbase

Salesforce is arguably the most customer-centric company. Regardless of how one would measure that across contexts, it’s clearly overwhelmingly central to the brand. And philosophical quibbling at the margins aside, it’s far from an empty brand promise.

As they run their own business on their own platform, you get to participate in their success. When you configure Community Cloud, it’s such an awesome product because they support their own customers on it – and that is a large community.

Key to that is not treating users as one undifferentiated mass. They segment things, and you can see the differences in the users each segment is tailored to from the language and often times also the visual gestalt. This happy state of affairs leads to positive feedback loops that drive the impressive quarterly and annual results they consistently report.

This is a Sway I prepared for a training session for a client organization that was new to Salesforce. It’s an overview of Salesforce’s various public-facing and customer-only endeavors.

Click on the Image to Launch the Sway