Integromat Rebrands as Make

Using bold, bold color combinations. Almost surprisingly so.

Splash Page for Make Platform

Logging into Integromat brings you to a migration hub, where you can instruct the migration to create empty parallel .

Integromat to Make Org Migration Node
Which after a few minutes of computation delivers you to the interface for Make –which, perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot like the interface for Integromat, just in louder colors. After you’ve created your Make environment, it’s time to migrate your assets from Integromat.


The company’s code less integration platform offering was always sound. It doesn’t have the breadth of category-killer Zapier, but when for some cloud offerings, the Integromat/Make actions list is on occasion more robust. And so it’s always worth comparing the two when a client comes with flexible requirements.

This new brand moves it away from the ungainly awkward core that admittedly inheres in Integromat towards something a little bit more new economy understand verbals with bold visuals.

Good work, Integromat/Make!