Salesforce Data Masking Courtesy of

My most recent discovery – and to judge from the naming conventions of the users you’re assigned when using it, I’m relatively early to the trend — is

They have lots of different fancy, often expensive licenses to choose from, and you can spin up a scratch org of even apply it to an existing org. Searching for Data Mask options brings me here.

And I chose to spin up a new demo org, which does this:

And using the link at top, voila! A new org with all kinds of fancy licenses.

Navigating to the Data Mask App, Masks Tab

And clicking through to the Sample that configured for me,

The sample only masks Contacts. Clicking through to configuring Contact, takes us here

This Salesforce Help Link explains what options are available for the mask. After we review and understand what’s going to happen, we run the mask, which takes some time. Over about 30 minutes, a number of Apex Jobs are run.

And if that seems overwhelming, the Run Logs tab and Object make it a bit easier to understand.

Some anodyne case comments I had made on this case have been scrambled beyond intelligibility, not least because of the truncation involved.

And what seemed a little abstract on Trailhead

Which the fine print here makes clear requires permission sets that are paid for is now much more concrete.

And look at all these other nifty apps with licenses to play with over the next 4 days!