Integromat Rebrands as Make

Using bold, bold color combinations. Almost surprisingly so.

Splash Page for Make Platform

Logging into Integromat brings you to a migration hub, where you can instruct the migration to create empty parallel .

Integromat to Make Org Migration Node
Which after a few minutes of computation delivers you to the interface for Make –which, perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot like the interface for Integromat, just in louder colors. After you’ve created your Make environment, it’s time to migrate your assets from Integromat.


The company’s code less integration platform offering was always sound. It doesn’t have the breadth of category-killer Zapier, but when for some cloud offerings, the Integromat/Make actions list is on occasion more robust. And so it’s always worth comparing the two when a client comes with flexible requirements.

This new brand moves it away from the ungainly awkward core that admittedly inheres in Integromat towards something a little bit more new economy understand verbals with bold visuals.

Good work, Integromat/Make!

Sending Client Emails via Gmail from within the Podio UI

Out of the box, Podio/Podio Workflow Automation has a perfectly serviceable send email action — if you don’t mind generic, Podio branding.

This Sway details how a much more complex flow in Podio Workflow Automation coupled with waiting webhooks in Zapier can get that email template sent via Gmail — and then the merged content saved as an item in its own Podio app as well.

Sway Screenshot

Link in the imagage above or here to launch the flow.

More on Podio, Globiflow & Procfu Scripts

An old sway and a new sway.

Some growth would appear to have taken place.

Go figure. Here’s the new one.

Click to launch the Sway.

And this next one from 3 years ago is worth it if only for the tall schema shot towards the end.

Image or this link launches the Sway

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Meta

photo of ethel merman

A Sway about Meta Management Triggers and Actions Across the Major Codeless Integration Platforms

It would only be a matter of time before the API economy set sights upon itself. See what it means in this Sway.

Screenshot of the Sway
Click here or on the image to launch the Sway.

Adding Workato to my List of Code-Less Integration Platforms

Just started a long-term project with a consulting firm specializing in integrating Salesforce to Sage Intacct Accounting. And they wrote a custom connector on Workato, whose $10,000 annual starter pricing suggests the difference in customer strategy from, say, Zapier.

User interface for the design canvas is crisp, even if the display optional fields part takes some getting used to.

Testing a Workato Recipe– look at all those JSON objects waiting to be Expanded

The dependency visualization is a particularly nice trick and should prove useful in team collaboration contexts beyond 3 or 4 members.

I was perhaps the tiniest bit taken by surprise by the way that all your Recipes are shared with the community unless you explictly opt-out. (Need to see whether there is a global configuration setting to address this).

Still, this is a good development.

My client’s book of business is quite full, so this looks to be a rewarding long-term relationship with some crisp people on top of their game. In the meanwhile here are some screenshots, and one can definitely see the enterprise targeting of their offering through features like lifecycle management with manifests and common data models.

Take a look in the gallery.

More soon when I can say more.

Podio + Globiflow & Procfu: Extracting PDF Content for Subsequent Analysis & Automation

screenshot of Globiflow automation

My biggest client these days is a real estate investor who monitors Open Data feeds for investment ideas to add to the funnel and evaluate on the basis of reported information.

We’re using Podio to house all the data, and Globiflow, Procfu Scripts, and integromat to acquire, transform, and move data around.

Open the Sway below for more…

Click here for the Sway.

And I guess it’s about time to update this Podio Overview from a few years’ back. How much I’ve learned since then.

Custom Workflows & Integrations: Studying for Salesforce Certification

Studying more effectively, courtesy of cloud integrations with some of my favorite vendors.


And it helped — along with years of experience – with this.

Image of Salesforce Administrator Certification
First Try, 88%

#Tableau 8.2 Business Intelligence & #Salesforce dynamically Linked

It Feels Good.  And you can really see the dramatic difference in productivity now that my client’s team has some focus.

The Link Worked, and It's Much Less Fussy than some of the ODBC Drivers I've Dealt with.
The Link Worked, and It’s Much Less Fussy than some of the ODBC Drivers I’ve Dealt with.

#CirrusPath Raises the Bar & Brings Google Closer to Salesforce

I’ve been playing with Yesware for a bit, where I’m a member of a Yesware team provisioned by a client.  I like the Yesware interface, and its easy integration with Salesforce.  And of course, the control freak in one gets addicted to the intel on when your missives are read (and re-read because they’re just that good).  But just as I was getting ready to subscribe, I diligently took one more look through the app exchange, where I found that Cirrus Insight basically matches Yesware feature for feature (with the added bonus of having experience and opinions on both offerings).


What really stood out, however, was Cirrus GoogleDrive<–>Salesforce integration:  unimaginatively named Cirrus Files.

CirrucPresentation Cover copy copy
It’s a great offering; don’t be put off by the me-too trendy visuals.
























As they pointed out somewhere in their mess of a site (the worst part of the entire experience is their website’s rather incoherent information architecture, with menus changing unexpectedly and rather jarring shifts in graphic design style: see contrasts below) Salesforce storage is costly; Google Drive is dirt cheap, and is easier to configure for collaboration with parties external to your organization.  So, intrigued, I downloaded yet another package and set it up. (Kudos, kids: your video instructions are really in a pedagogical sweet-spot)

It only took a few minutes to deliver this result:

Your Google Drive files - even if not on your official corporate domain -- are pulled into the key SF page layouts (Account, Contact, Opportunity, Case, Lead) )
Your Google Drive files – even if not on your official corporate domain — are pulled into the key SF page layouts (Account, Contact, Opportunity, Case, Lead) )