Trailhead Training Automations Using Office 365 Power Automate

#Zapier is an amazing company — the offering is robust and grows (seemingly) daily; they take security seriously, and there are lots of little signs that this is an org-cultural value of the highest importance. That said, when looking at declarative point-and-click integrations, if it’s […]


Social Enterprise Collaboration: Facebook For Work Muscles In

Forbes has a good piece on “stealth project” Facebook for Work. Ultimately the author gives the nod to Salesforce Chatter’s long history & more robust feature set. That said, the always intriguing (for it’s hard to disprove that disruption won’t occur) angle is embodied in […]

NYT Bits Blog’s Article on Cloud Computing Avoids Hyperbole & Hits the Sweet Spot between Detailed/Informative & Approachable

Truly, a must read: here. Especially intriguing is its approach to detailing how the firms at the forefront consolidate their lead in technology and know-how as much from the economics of power management as from software engineering. Brava, Grey Lady, Brava.

Great News re: Office 365 (webapps) – Simultaneous Editing Collaboration

Like what we remember that first awesome time using Google Docs on a personal email account back in 2008 or so. Can’t wait to see if they’ve actually fixed the awful formatting that invariably seems to sneak in when using the webapps.  Will report back.