Salesforce Summer ’15 Feature for Small/Medium Business: Setup Wizard

Salesforce as a platform is radically customize-able.  So you want someone experienced to help you as your vision for your enterprise and business processes converge — ideally with your vision providing the blueprint for your systems.  That said, smaller organizations don’t always have huge implementation budgets, and so this new Setup Wizard (active for the first 90 days in new Salesforce organizations) is a nice offering, the latest in the countless ways that is a customer-focused company.

Salesforce Spring’15 Webinar

Really regret that I missed it; the recording is not yet published (which, is not unreasonable).

They did publish the slide show, and I’m excited by what’s on some slides such as:

  • Slide 9 (Customer Service Reps can have api access to two social accounts)
  • Slides 12, 13, 14 on visual process builder
  • Slide 33 (VisualForce Mapping)

Definitely a webinar worth watching once the recording is posted, for presentations without the voice-over are a pale imitation.

spring 15 small image & Do: My Suspicions confirmed by TechCrunch

do advertising image

In  this TechCrunch posting two day’s after the announcement that Do is closing (my snark is here in “Do is Done!”) they put more forcefully what I elected to leave as a skeptical question:

The closure raises questions about the Salesforce acquisition strategy. The company has bought several startups but has a spotty record. Manymoon was a great independent service but now looks like it has met its demise as part of