Passed my Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam

Trailhead Profile

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Next Up: Service Cloud Consultant.

Webassessor & Trailhead Profile Linked Correctly at

Platform App Builder Certification for Darren S. Kowitt

Late last summer as Salesforce was upgrading its identity management processes for Trailblazer Community and Trailhead Training, when logging in, a bunch of my identities were consolidated, and a fresh profile page created for me. But the existing original profile page was the one linked to my Webassessor Account, which governs certifications. And I no longer had access to that. So, after much hue and cry, I finally got a case opened and set with Salesforce and now my Trailhead Profile displays my badges.

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Next goal: a Super Badge and Sharing & Visibility Designer.

Passed My Platform App Builder Certification Exam

Platform App Builder Certification for Darren S. Kowitt

Though I tried to use the online proctored exam, their software didn’t recognize my Logitech Brio, and so I was forced to reschedule and schlep across town to a testing center. Still, it was gratifying to pass on the first try.