Salesforce Admin & Developer at a Life Sciences Lab Instrumentation Firm

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This is the inaugural post on my experience as a Salesforce Admin, Automator and Developer at the US Subsidiary of a foreign high quality, niche manufacturer of optical analytical equipment used in the life sciences. I started in September 2020/

Like my other big Salesforce client of 2020, Gigantic Bag, a plastics manufacturer with a solid PPE offering, while so much of the economy suffered from the Covid Pandemic, manufacturers of PPE and of advanced instrumentation used in health care and virology and a dizzying array of life sciences research was booming gangbusters.

So I feel grateful.

This first Sway introduces the project through its post, describes the requirements, and I share my observations, along with some retrospective sense of irony as to how it grew from there.

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Thank you for your time and attention.

Trailhead Training Automations Using Office 365 Power Automate

#Zapier is an amazing company — the offering is robust and grows (seemingly) daily; they take security seriously, and there are lots of little signs that this is an org-cultural value of the highest importance.

That said, when looking at declarative point-and-click integrations, if it’s App X to Zapier to App Z, isn’t Salesforce to Office 365 even simpler?

A large list of recently published Trailhead badges.
The depth of content is getting out of hand (almost!)

I’ve been tending to the training needs of a cohort of users with widely divergent skill sets. So the AppExchange TrailTracker offering has been a god-send. And I have a Process Builder automation flow triggered by the creation of a new instance of the junction object User-Badge, which happens when I curate a Trailmix module that I feel is well suited to one of my students.