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The Chief Commercial Officer of Desktop Aeronautics, Colin Johnson (link to references page) had created a Salesforce instance in 2009. He & I were both Chairs of our local Columbia Business School Alumni Clubs — he in SF and I in DC – and during a global club leadership summit in 2013 he confided that he felt overwhelmed by Salesforce complexity.  Thus I was hired for the first of my Salesforce Executive Coaching engagements. 

Listening to what he wanted the system to do, and the gaps between how it was configured, enabled me to tailor training and improve data architecture, user interface, integrations and process automations.

Desktop Aeronautics has since been acquired by Aerion Supersonic Technologies. And I must confess that this was by far the coolest product I have ever been involved in, however indirectly it may have been.

Innovative Wing Design for Aerion Supersonic

Visio Online Interactive Deliverable of Lead Process Troubleshooting: EchoSign Integration

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Conversica AI Lead Process Enhancement

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