FEEA is a DC-based non-profit that provides program services to qualifying members of the federal workforce.  There local-server-based version of FileMaker Pro custom applications was 10 years old.  Had virtually non-existent documentation. And furthermore worse still did not integrate at all with fundraising, which in its most recent instance was handled with Neon CRM.

FEEA’s offers its beneficiaries the following program services:

  • Emergency Loans
  • Disaster Relief
  • College Scholarships for Beneficiary dependents
  • Child Care Assistance Subsidies

They wanted a single enterprise cloud platform for managing all of it – and thus chose Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack.

The Sway below documents the ETL data analysis and migration strategy I developed for their enterprise data overall, and also the process re-engineering we did using the Child Care Subsidies Program and how you can expose data for use by public constituents who are not Salesforce users in dynamically populating a drop down for assigning a relationship.



Project Structure:

Subcontractor to Cloud Mine Consulting.


Business Development: Feb 2017

Implementation: March 2017 – June 2017