Salesforce is my bread and butter. But for collaborating with clients on document editing, Podio is much, much, much easier to use – and to provision clients as users.

Life, as we come to appreciate as we age, is all about trade-offs.

Salesforce is immensely powerful, but has quite the learning curve to scale, and if your org is large enough, you need to have good agile implementation policies & procedures in place as protection. In short, Salesforce requires expertise to be useful.

Podio, by contrast, is more limited in what you can do with it. It has a few quirks. But on the plus side, it’s much more intuitive. A smart person willing to roll up his or her sleeves can implement a decently useful data schema to track how their project or organization actually operates in its environment. The out of the box workflows are ghastly. But if you spring for the premium license with Globiflow ($25 monthly) then you actually have some interesting capabilities at your fingertips.

A view of various project workspaces.
Identifiable client names have been Gaussian blurred.

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