Mailchimp for Salesforce on AppExchange: Major Fail

Sandbox App Screenshot

The app doesn’t work if you have set – irrevocably, as we all remember – your custom login domain, in this case

Salesforce - Enterprise Edition (3)
All excited to integrate and start marketing

IF you try to auhhenticate from here, you get an error.

Whereas in a Sandbox, it works just fine. Annoying.

Sandbox App Screenshot
Sandbox Screenshot post-authentication

Salesforce - Enterprise Edition _ Salesforce (2)

D Tyler _ Salesforce

View Member _Darren@padp.org_ _ MailChimp
All the fun clickstream analytics!

Admittedly, MailChimp is on it.

As you can see below, and they do clarify the situation perfectly, except in on eregard: timing for a fix. Ugh.

[MailChimp] Re_ Installing Mailchimp for (1)

Hopefully soon.

Sweetness! Quick-n-dirty segments in MailChimp

With the magic phrase “automatic de-duping” for a form field you can just paste from excel or a local CSV. Neat.

You can export a list from your CRM, open it in Excel, create a pivot table or perform some other data magic tricks, then copy-paste your results right into this field. We’ll automatically exclude any emails that are not actively subscribed in that MailChimp list.

Segments created by pasting a list are saved as static segments for future use.

Link to MailChimp blog here.

Now there’s an exhortation I can live with

polysemic, as it were.  and the logo alone is so soothing to look at

dataloader logo

so anyway, the  wonderful people (i just hate that word “folks”) over at +mulesoft  have released this piece of goodness into the world.

the interface is lovely to look at.

Dataloader Vertical Response Export ss

nicest of all, the field select tool enables the user to select fields from first-level relationships among the tables.  so you can get, for example, the RecordTypeName instead of making do with the 15 digits of the RecordTypeID   thus, the dataloader (or extractor: in any case, the person doing it, not the tool they’re using) is assured of an export that is human readable for a spot check before committing.

dataloaderio relationship field lookup


i’m getting ready to populate my new mailchimp account list so as to test the connector.  and Dataloader lets me set up a connection to DropBox and even schedule tasks.  so ApexDataloader, so long: no love lost.


hello, mailchimp. so long vertical response.

i’l be doing two exports of one of the Contact Emails and Name fields — hard to populate MailChiimp without those! but the second will be the Vertical Response logs for developing an engagement segmentation histogram so that I can load separate lists into MailChimp: of those who historically have had a tendency to respond and click through — and those whom i spent money with vertical response to reach, but who never opened.  the economics, with mailchimp, is better as well: free for lists under 2000

More documentation coming, and soon